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Preschool Program

At Little Lukes, we take the responsibility of choosing and implementing preschool curriculums very seriously. We know that the early years are the most important for your child’s brain development, and our infant, toddler, and preschool curriculums are designed to enhance brain development in a variety of age-appropriate and multi-sensory ways. We offer a warm, inviting atmosphere, which allows your child to blossom to his or her fullest potential.

We also spend time just listening and talking with your preschooler. This type of positive interaction encourages the development of emotional, language, and social skills and enhances the development of a positive self-esteem. We also provide lots of opportunities for each child to develop personal interests at his or her own pace. We recognize that each child has different interests and develops at a different rate. We
encourage and motivate your child using positive accomplishments. Your child will feel good about themselves and their accomplishments, which will ultimately enhance their learning.

To ensure that your child receives high quality education while remaining interested, excited, and engaged in learning, we've incorporated outstanding preschool curriculums that are specific for your preschool child. Our Preschool Program is designed specifically for preschoolers. This early childhood education program includes a variety of fun-filled activities, to challenge and educate your child emphasizing school-readiness skills. Each child develops at a different rate; we recognize that and incorporate that into our program.

The Preschool Program incorporates all curriculum areas using learning experiences that provide the foundation for academic success and lifelong skills. Specifically, the Preschool Program:
  • Includes literacy, math, and science components
  • Encourages thinking and problem-solving
  • Provides an environment to develop an appreciation of books and reading.
  • Provides an environment to develop and enhance social and emotional skills.
The Preschool Program is our exciting, fun and comprehensive preschool curriculum for preschoolers. For the older preschoolers, we place a strong emphasis on school-readiness skills. Through a combination of academic experiences, creative play, socialization, exploration and nurturing care, your child will develop critical thinking skills and the social maturity needed for school and beyond.

Our preschool program curriculum, established from some of the most respected associations for early childhood curriculums, provides your child with a solid foundation for learning as it:
  • Develops critical thinking skills and social maturity essential for school success
  • Encourages pre-reading, pre-math, pre-science and pre-writing skills and concepts that are excellent preparation for kindergarten
  • Stimulates creativity and self-expression through the creative arts and creative play
This preschool curriculum focuses on school-readiness skills throughout a variety of thematic learning units.  As part of the Preschool Program curriculum, we will also incorporate teaching your child colors, letters, numbers and shapes.

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