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East Syracuse, NY 13057
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8282 Willett Parkway
Baldwinsville NY 13027
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Fax: (315) 857-0803
10 Burkle Street
Oswego, NY 13126
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706 South 4th Street
Fulton, NY 13069
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20 Castle Drive
Pulaski, NY 13142
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16783 Ives Street Road
Watertown, NY 13601
Phone: (315) 788-5377
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Parent Checklist

Click here to download and print the Little Lukes Parent Checklist (.pdf)

Do they offer a center-based creative curriculum to challenge your child's development?
Are the children separated by age and given specific developmental attention?
Are you invited to see the class in action?
Is there ample learning equipment in the classroom?
Do the children appear happy and stimulated?
Are parent/teacher conferences held to discuss your child’s development?
Are there provisions for isolating a sick child?
Are computers located in the classrooms for children?
Is the center open Monday through Friday, 6:30 am-6:30 pm? Closed only 9 days a year?
How does the staff respond if my child behaves inappropriately?
Facility and Transportation:
Is the center convenient? Is child pick-up and drop-off safe and well planned?
Is there a security system that restricts access of strangers to the facility?
Do the classrooms have child-size chairs, tables and equipment?
Are the building designs suited to a child's physical needs?
Is the facility clean and coordinated throughout?
Are toys and materials disinfected on a regular basis?
Are there separate age-specific play areas?
Are the staff-to-child ratios met on the playground? At all times?
Is the playground area fenced? Are the gates secured?
Does the equipment inspire creative play?
Director and Staff:
Does the director have education, experience and training in childcare management?
Does the center provide staff training?
Are the teachers experienced and trained in childhood education?
Is the staff cheerful, friendly and helpful?
Are meals and snacks nutritionally balanced according to USDA guidelines?
Are the menus posted and rotated?
Are infants held when fed?
Are monthly fire drills held?
Are evacuation plans posted?
Are there fire alarms located in all classrooms?
Are the exits from each room clearly marked?
Compare the quality and value of Little Lukes Childcare Center

At Little Lukes Childcare Center, we understand that as parents you are making a major financial investment in your child's care and education. That's why at Little Lukes, we are focused on more than basic childcare. While our primary commitment is the safety and well being of your child, it is our stimulating and goal-oriented learning environment that makes us better than other childcare centers. See for yourself-use this handy comparison chart to evaluate your choices. And when you're ready, bring your child to Little Lukes, where every day is an adventure in learning!

Little Lukes Childcare Center encourages you to use this handy checklist to choose the appropriate care for your young children. Most importantly, Little Lukes encourages parents to visit centers-watch the children, talk with the staff, look at the building and grounds, and ASK QUESTIONS!

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