Certified Teachers

Little Lukes carefully chooses certified teachers to provide the highest quality teaching and educational curriculum to meet the needs of your child.

Here are some of our requirements:

  • The Director of the program holds a Bachelor's degree including, or in addition to 12 credits in Early Childhood, Child Development or related field AND one year full time teaching experience in a child day care center, family or group day care home or other early childhood program AND one year of experience supervising staff.
    An associates degree in Early Childhood or related field with a plan of study leading to a Bachelor's degree AND 2 years full time teaching experience in a child day care center family or group family day care home, or other early childhood program AND 2 years of experience supervising staff.
  • The Head of the group for preschoolers holds an Associate's degree in Early Childhood, Child Development or related field OR Child Development Associate credential or 9 college credits in Early Childhood, Child Development or a related field AND 2 years experience related caring for children.
  • The Head of the group for infants and toddlers has all of the above requirements for preschoolers PLUS 1 year of specific training and/or experience in infant or toddler care.
  • The Head of the group for school aged children holds an Associate's degree in Child Development, recreation, or related field OR a High school diploma or its equivalent AND 2 years direct experience working with children under 13 years of age.

Here is some of the ongoing training our certified teachers receive:

  • Each teacher completes a minimum of 30 hours of training every two years. The training includes topics such as:
    • Principles of childhood development, including the appropriate supervision of children, meeting the needs of children enrolled in the program with physical or emotional challenges and behavior management and discipline.
    • Nutrition and health needs of the children.
    • Child day care program development.
    • Safety and security procedures, including communication between parents and staff.
    • Business record maintenance and management.
    • Child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention.
    • Statutes and regulations pertaining to child day care
    • Statutes and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment.
    • Diagnosis and prevention of shaken baby syndrome

In addition to the education and training of our certified teachers you will also find that they possess the following qualities:

  • Caring:
    They possess warm, open, genuine caring qualities necessary to nurture and support children and their families.
  • Creativity:
    They possess openness, creativity, flexibility and uniqueness in their classroom environments. These qualities stimulate children's imagination, which broaden their understanding and perspectives about the world.
  • Commitment:
    They possess an inner commitment to excellence and a clear vision of children's needs.

We take great pride in the care and education our early childhood educators provide to your child. If you have any suggestions or comments, we appreciate your feedback. Click here to submit your comments.

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